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How Moonlit Transformed Lashay's Content Consulting Business with AI-Powered Solutions

Mohammad Abdin
July 8, 2024
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When I first came to Mohammad - Founder at Moonlit, I had a strong vision for what I wanted. I had been looking for someone to tie my knowledge together in a way that supported the vision I had for it and no one else I’ve worked with up until this point was able to do that but Mohammad. He took the time to understand the nuances of my process and thoughtfully built out what I needed. It has been the best, least stressful time working with him and I couldn’t imagine how difficult this project would be without him. When you find someone like him to work with, keep them in your corner. You quickly start to see how they can be incorporated in ways further than just the project itself. Smart, funny and extremely talented. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in business but working with Mohammad has been by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. - Lashay Lewis

Lashay Lewis runs a successful solo consulting operation under the AuthorityPlug brand. Gaining over a decade of experience as an in-house content strategist, she got amazing results in BOFU (Bottom of funnel) content programs. Right now, she helps multiple SaaS companies with their bottom of funnel content through her proven frameworks and methodologies.


Lashay wanted to streamline some aspects of her work through AI. Prior to our work together, she managed each client one on one, walking them through product, market, and competitor research and sharing her BOFU content frameworks. Additionally she took control of the content pipeline for them, which was consuming most of her work hours.

To keep things organised, she used Coda which gave her consulting program a cohesive structure that clients loved. At this point, what consumes the most time is writing the articles and with current state of LLMs, it made sense to pass on a portion of the writing to AI, but in order to get a high quality draft from AI, there’s a lot more to be done than just writing a prompt.

Additionally, she was interested in turning her frameworks into a product, a micro-saas that offers her prospects a self-serve route to her expertise. But she did not have the technical capabilities to develop such a product.


While Moonlit is a self-serve platform, we also offer done-for-you services, and Lashay’s use-case wasn’t trivial. Following a discovery call and after highlighting the aspects of her consultancy that can be automated, we worked together towards building all the AI functionalities to streamline as much of her consulting work as possible, and productizing her expertise in BOFU content.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we iterated through building multiple BOFU content generators, one for each of the frameworks. The content generators used client’s data effectively, performed competitor research, used brand guidelines, and incorporated product images.

Additionally we created 3 additional Moonlit apps:

  • Brand Guidelines Generator: The clients just passed their sitemap and using past articles, the app would detect common writing guidelines and put it all together into a one page document to be edited and later on utilised by the content generators. You can try out this app yourself here.
  • Competitor Researcher: Lashay operates specifically in the SaaS space, so we built an app that fetches the pricing, integrations, overview, and features of a given competitor url. Turning hours of research and compilation work into a one-click job.
  • Internal Linking: This was already in our public templates on Moonlit, using the client’s sitemap, the app will inject relevant internal links into a blog post naturally throughout text. You can try out this app yourself here.

After some rapid iteration and testing, the “ai backend engine” was ready to be integrated with the existing infrastructure. Using the Moonlit API, we began adjusting the frontend to use the apps we’ve built. Shortly after, Lashay began onboarding clients into the new productized service model with great success.

End Results:

  • Saved over 70% of time spent on writing
  • Incorporated additional micro services such as Internal Linking for clients
  • Achieved consistent brand writing using AI
  • Productization allowed for scaling

Got a similar use case in mind? We’d love to learn about it, you can schedule a call with us anytime.

About the Author
Mohammad Abdin

Mohammad is a tech enthusiast, he boasts a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. With a rich background in Digital Marketing, he has honed his skills both within dynamic agency environments and as a freelancer, serving a diverse array of clients across various industries. Leveraging his extensive expertise in digital marketing, web development, and artificial intelligence, Mohammad founded Moonlit Platform with the purpose of empowering content and SEO specialists with the tools for utilizing AI in their field to its full potential.