Deploying Apps as Functions

You can use apps from within apps by deploying them as a function. This is useful for repeatable processes and it helps organize your apps.

To deploy an app as a function, open your app and go to the 'Share' section and click on 'Deploy as Function'

Deploy as Function

Now in your other apps you'll be able to see this app in the function options when adding nodes. Keep in mind that when you deploy it, it deploys the current version of that app, so if you make changes to it they won't be reflected in the apps that use it as a function until you deploy it again.

Of course, the configuration of this 'Nested App' will correspond to it's inputs.

It's output will be a data object where each key is the node ID of an output and it's value. For example, if our deployed app has one 'Text Output' then when it's called in other apps it will return:

{"text_output_123": "result"}

If we want to only get the "result", we can use the 'Dot notation' in our double bracket referencing, for example:


will return "result".

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